Cover story of TERVIS PLUSS

I’m on the cover of Estonian popular health magazine TERVIS PLUSS. Just push the word “kaanelugu” above and magazine article will open for you.

The story is called “Totally in love with sports” – and that’s true, really! Now I know that whenever I’m tired, out of energy, in bad mood or having lack of inspiration, I have to jump into my sportswear and start to mooooove! Doesn’t matter if it’s skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, thai boxing, swimming or yoga – EVERYTHING is super good for my body, mind & soul. Having days without active training hours is like going through the desert without water.


Minu juulikuu Tervis Pluss kaanelugu “Kõrvuni trenni armunud” saad lugeda siit:


Suurimad tänud vahvale meeskonnale! Fotod: Laura Nestor, stiil: Aulikki Puniste (ja kaameratöö!), makeup&hair: Erle Taklai ja tore intervjuu: Evelin Kivilo-Paas. Suur aitähh ka lahedale surfiklubile Pirita rannas ning lahkele Ivarile, kes oma kirju bussi otsas kõõluda lubas ja nunnud koerad pildile laenas! 😀 Hurraa!


And check out the VIDEO below how super busy and mega FUN my day was! And WHO slubbered on me??? :p

Vaata järele allolevast videost, kui kiire ja lõbus päev meil oli! Ning KES ilastas minu käed täis??? 😀



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