Two weeks ago I landed in Italy to tour around with my friends in my favorite shopping places and drink good old red wine with some parma ham and cheese, mmm…


We stayed at supernice Magna Pars 5-star hotel in Milan with big chillout-terrace – check out the pic.





Then we drove to an Armani outlet outside of Milan. There I usually get lots of cool stuff like rocky belts, underwear, bags, clothes, shoes, but this time I didn’t get anything (not my season?) so I just filmed some shots for my vlog outside of the outlet and enjoyed sunny weather while the rest of my crew did some serious shopping inside. :p

In the evening we had a walk to the city and enjoyed beautiful architecture of Milan.

It doesn’t matter, do I drink a glass of wine or none, I make this kind of silly faces and “running” pose all the time, get used to it! 😀

Here’s my vlog post of first day in Italy – enjoy!




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