Interview in popular TV show “RINGVAADE”

►►► IN THIS EPISODE: The promo tour of my cookbook continues! This time I am on live show in popular Estonian TV show “Ringvaade” (it means “Look around”). I translate you a bit: when I enter the studio I tell them that we are making TWO tv shows at the same time – I mean by that my camera is on as well. 😀 Unfortunately I forgot to turn it on again after the break so you will have to watch the rest of the 8-minute interview from the link. :p I prepared there one healthy recipy from my new cookbook – a cocktail of rasperries, blackberries, banana, coconut, turmeric and Greek yoghurt, mmm… !

The same recipe is in THIS post:

Promo TOUR!

LINK to the TV SHOW “Ringvaade” with my interview:


►►► SELLES EPISOODIS: Minu raamatu promotuur jätkub! Seekord esinen tuntud eesti telesaates “Ringvaade”. Kahjuks unustasin oma kaamera käima panna peale vaheaega, nii et vaata ülejäänud 8-minutilist intervjuud siit lingilt:

Ja retsept, mida saates valmistasin, on minu eelmises blogipostituses. 🙂