How to become RICH?


Some posts ago I shared with you a long estonian post about my Millionaire Mind Intensive course in London this March. Sry for being so slow, but now I give you some feedback in english as well. Better late than never, right? 😉

MMI (Millionaire Mind Intensive) is an interactive course. It’s like an entertaining stand-up comedy with some knowledge-moments when you get to know yourself better and cross the inner limits you have. Great feeling!

Had some unbelievable exercises there that pushed me on the edge and gave a lot of material to think about on some topics about money and myself.

For example we had a scary arrow-challenge. We had to get into teams of ten people (thousand people in the room from all over the world!) and 7 people did not want to do the challenge at all (read: they had no balls:)) so they had to leave the room while all the others (me as well) started the challenge – everyone had to break their wooden arrow that had a metal head with the softest place of their NECK!

It was pretty scary but also super interesting challenge, especially awesome was the feeling AFTERWARDS, when I broke my arrow, laughed, screamed and danced with tears in my eyes while cool dance music was playing loudly! Some people were fast with their challenge (like me), others needed more time and some even a support from their team until all of the people were DONE in the room. YEAH!

3 days of 8am-10pm harsh learning, what kind of relationship do I have with money, am I spender or a saver (oh hell, not the last one!) and getting to know how to grow money (investing, passive income etc).

I recommend you to read one good book, written by the same man who came up with this worldfamous money-course: “Millionaire Mind” T.Harv Eker. He is an American multi-millionaire who has lots of free webinars and workshops available on internet, especially on facebook doing promotion for himself so you can easily find him there and registrate for free webinars to get some interesting information on money, self-growth etc.

Anyway. What did I get from that popular world-famous FREE (yes, you can attend free, unless you don’t want a VIP seat in first row like I did;)) course in London, that is held all over the world and people get into better relationship with money afterwards? I got a hardcore BOOST from there. Very good BRAINWASH. Deeply. I read the book so I knew the KNOWLEDGE. But I got above my FEARS thanks to that awesome (really, great!) arrow-challenge (I am not afraid of ANY challenges now, I have to just fight my lazyness sometimes;)).

The performance of the teachers was funny and exciting all weekend long and what they did every evening – they encouraged everyone to participate on all kind of courses they offered. Investing, stocks, coaching etc. Every kind of interesting stuff at a quite ( i would say even A VERY) high cost – starting from some thousand pounds to eleven thousand pounds for a package of courses to participate during a year all over the world (it means PLUS a lot of extra costs for plane tickets, hotels, food).

NB! I did NOT buy ANY courses at the MMI weekend (thank God, I would have regretted it now), but as soon as I arrived to Estonia for one week and later on, I bought THREE quite expensive but super interesting courses! Creative courses on photography, acting and teaching.

It means that they REALLY put me (and probably EVERYBODY else as well who participated on MMI course) into the mood of buying (megaboost) despite of discovery that for example I am a BIG spender and should take it easier…

So as a conclusion – I recommend you to read the “Millionaire Mind” book from T.Harv Eker and start saving money. Even better book is from Tony Robbins on MONEY. Because if you wanna be rich, REALLY RICH, you have to know how to SAVE, GROW and LOVE money! Spending money is not a skill… 😉 Did you know that lots of rich people are very good money savers?

MMI course was an interesting experience and a very good stand-up comedy, but don’t waste there any money on further courses – find yourself a personal mentor, read clever books from world-famous businessmen or take a course they offer only in case if you are REALLY sure you need that course. They are just VERY good at making believe you there you need all their courses but it is not like that… 😉

Remember – SAVE, GROW and LOVE money!


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