Here is my interview with one tasty recipe for breakfast from my new cookbook “Joy from food”! Interview was published in popular Estonian magazine Buduaar. Check out my Estonian interview here:

BUDUAAR interview

Täna avaldan enda intervjuu värskest Buduaari ajakirjast, kust leiad maitsva retsepti hommikusöögiks minu uuest raamatust “Rõõm toidust” ning mõned nipid tervislikuks eluviisiks. Klikka lingile “BUDUAAR interview” üleval ja loe! 🙂


Life is full of surprises – as soon as you are sure in your future, then it might happen to be completely the opposite.

One this kind of unpredictable events in our life is for example the birth of a child – you never know how will it affect you, your body & your relations.

I have heard unbelievable real life stories how women get curly hair instead of straight, how their voice changes or how they discover a new talent after giving birth to a child. Interesting, right?

I had a total memory washout – I lost my old great exercising and healthy eating habits totally like I didn’t have them before pregnancy at all!

First year was very interesting and fun to take care of my baby, but there was no time for yoga or workout. And even 2 years later when it was the final call from my body to start with exercising, I still did not find any time for that.

This is how I started to grow bigger, got terrible back pain and slept very bad. My body was screaming for workout but I found myself in different kind of relaxing and healing therapies, tried lots of diets which didn’t give any result and made me really upset!

Ockay, therapies and all that mental stuff was super interesting and made me feel free inside, but I really missed the right decision to start with exercising. I was trapped with my new big friend – comfortable lazyness!

It was pretty hard year, I would say – the hardest in my life – when I tried to hide myself from mirror, public events and beaches. I felt ashamed because of my out-of-shape body.

Finally I took the control over my life and pushed myself really hard to break my bad habits coming from comfort & lazyness and started to eat right, exercise and took care of myself more than before.

I created strict rules of food that I can eat, drank only water and green tea, exercised EVERY DAY and started my mornings with yoga. New ME did not eat white sugar any more or heavy dinners in the evenings. New ME was having fresh vegetables as a snack and fresh fruits as a dessert.

My favourite saying is:

“Eat breakfast yourself. Lunch divide with your friend. Dinner leave for your enemy.” This is so true – from those weeks on when I ate salad or steamed vegetables for my dinner I started losing fat FAST.

Also I discovered that eating a morning meal is a healthy habit if you want to lose some weight. My day includes now also a tasty lunch and light dinner – this is how I keep my hunger in balance and my body SLIM.

Since then I have been practicing yoga every morning (mostly budokon and hatha yoga at the moment) and I do a 30-40 minute workout EVERY DAY. I am not sitting so nuch any more and walking whenever I can. I prefer stairs to elevator and so on.

Few of my best tips how to lose fat and stay in good shape:

  • keep your meals small and at least 1/3 should be vegetables on your plate
  • Eat every 3-4 hours
  • prepare your meals
  • drink only water and green tea
  • sleep well
  • do yoga, work out and walk regularly
  • Say goodbye to sweets, frying and high-fat food like pork meat and unhealthy fast food!

Here I share with you one of my favourite morning meals – millet with lightly fried tomato and onion. Rich in iron, B vitamins and calcium, millet has a mild corn flavor and is naturally gluten-free. It is a clever choice to start your day! Charge yourself up to full power! 🙂


Millet porridge with tomato

Pour millet into a pot and wash it with lukewarm water for a couple of times until the water is not turbid any more. Add water and put the pot on the burner. Add a pinch of salt. When the porridge starts boiling, let it stew under the lid for about 15 minutes at a low temperature. Add water if necessary.

Heat the chopped onion on the pan at a low temperature. When the onion is golden yellow, add chopped tomatoes and let it stew for a couple of minutes until the tomato is cooked. Pour the millet porridge on the pan and mix it with tomato and onion.

While serving, add a little olive oil on the porridge or sour cream if you want. Bon appetite! 🙂